体育365 traditions start each academic year 和 leave a lasting impression

Celena McAfee

School traditions are ingrained in every part of our culture 和 set the tone for what makes the Solebury community unique. 在毕业橡树下聚会就是这些传统之一. We end the school year together under the Graduation Oak to send off our graduating seniors 和 close our campus for the season. It is only befitting to gather under the Oak for 召开 at the start of the year to reflect upon the academic year ahead. 今年的 召开 marked the start of 97th academic year at Solebury 和 was a moment for students, 教师, 员工们要重新为学校的核心服务 使命及价值观. For some, it is a new experience as they are inducted as the newest Soleburians. 对其他人来说,这是一个与朋友和老师重新联系的时间.

毕业典礼是关于包容和代表学生的, 工作人员, 和老师, 在我们的社区中突出不同的文化. During the ceremony, four members of the Class of 2024 gave a warm welcome 和 presented the 学校的波峰, describing the fundamental values represented in each symbol (acorn 和 oak leaf, 犁的, 《BET体育365投注官网》, 还有猫头鹰). 

校长汤姆·威尔舒茨主持了典礼. 当他开始讲话时,人群安静下来,各就各位. “这是索莱伯里. 你们是体育365——我们历史上最大、最多样化的学生群体. 我希望你们和我们一样为这个社区感到骄傲。”汤姆说. “我希望你能致力于帮助我们把这个社区变成最好的, 坚守作为我们指路明灯的基本价值观.”

一位教员被选中作主要发言. 朱丽叶·哈肯森(桥牌老师, 宿舍的父母, 及曲棍球教练), shared words of embracing our differences 和 appreciating the uniqueness of each individual. 体育365学校由学生运动员组成, 演员, 艺术家, 音乐家, 电子游戏, 面包师, LGBTQIA+社区的成员, 多种语言的人, 仅举几个例子,朱丽叶回忆起自己在索伯里的五年时光时这样说. “I challenge you to love yourself exactly where you are 和 show your teachers, 同行, 和朋友一样的接纳. 我保证,你会看到索伯里学校的火花.”



Solebury is fortunate to have people from all over the world as part of its DNA. We choose to celebrate these cultures with an international flag procession during 召开. 莱恩·康德,19岁, Social Media 和 Communications Coordinator recalled his experience as a student, “当他们把我叫到谷仓里去拿东西的时候,我还是个新学生 波多黎各国旗. 紧张, 兴奋, 和自豪, 我扛着马特奥(福尔摩斯19岁的儿子)走在小路上, 与社区分享我的文化,巩固我的新家.“今年的学生来自13个不同的国家, but the parade included students proudly carrying flags from 28 countries representing their cultural backgrounds. 玛雅丹纳, DEI主任, called each student to bring their flag forward in celebration of our community's culture.



After we reaffirmed our commitment to the community 和 presented our cultural backgrounds, 我们的新成员被邀请入会, 他们在哪里成为终身会员. 四栋房子中的每一栋都以a命名 创始人Holmquist House, Erskine House, Lathrop House和Washburn House. Our houses compete for points throughout the year by participating in activities, 支持当地公益事业(食品募捐), 捐款, 等.),表现出良好的公民意识,以及其他支持社区的行为. The house with the highest points earned at the end of the year gets bragging rights. New members st和 as their names are called aloud in anticipation of learning which house they can now call home. 大家都为他们的新成员欢呼. This part of the ceremony brings out the rivalry among the houses 和 anticipation of 社区的一天 activities at the close of 召开. Learning 和 living at Solebury extends beyond the classroom into the residential houses, 让它充满活力 学生生活经历.



每年毕业典礼即将结束, 新学生, 教师, 和 工作人员 would sound a gong to signify their entrance into the 体育365 community. 今年, 铜锣被马车屋的钟取代了, 这标志着几代人进餐的开始. “About 10 years ago the bell was removed from the Carri年龄 House roof for renovations,89年、23年、25年的霍莉·维克多分享道, 校友活动总监, “我们很高兴它再次出现在毕业典礼上. 这个钟对我们的社区有特殊的意义.”



社区的一天 activities occurred in the afternoon 和 represented the official kick-off for house competitions. 众议院议员们参加了游戏和活动, 这一切都以当天的最后一个项目——烧绳比赛而告终. Each house works together to build a fire structure high enough to burn through a rope. 学生使用木材, 纸, 和 anything they can find to be the first house to successfully burn through the rope 和 win. They chanted 和 cheered as Scott Eckstein P'22 ‘25 announced which team was leading. “这一活动需要合作才能成功,要第一个烧线. 对大多数人来说,它也很有趣,因为参与其中很有趣, 它创造了一个视觉奇观,27岁的史蒂夫·布托克斯(Steve Buteux)分享道, 副校长. 

在烧绳比赛之后, everyone gathered on the library's lawn along Founders Walk to hear which house had the highest calculated scores based on all activities. Holmquist House (reigning champions) won, having the highest cumulative points for the day. 霍尔姆斯特府去吧!

召开社区的一天 are phenomenal 体育365 traditions 和 participants remember it for years to come. It is a great way to further unite the community 和 kickstart the beginning of a remarkable new year.

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